Hahn Consulting’s sole focus is on the marketing and selling of services and support. In fact, we have trained more service and sales professionals than any other group in the world using our proprietary materials and our extensive experience with services.

Unlike the many good training programs out there, our training is not generic, but instead is focused on the key differences of selling and marketing intangibles. All of our training programs have been created from scratch to be specific to services and support. We focus on the value of your service and/or support contracts.

Benefits of Hahn Training

  • Increase contract revenue growth
  • Increase sales team effectiveness
  • Improve service margins
  • Improve customer loyalty

Although we deliver the majority of our training at client’s site, allowing us to customize the training program for your team, we do offer a limited number of classes in public forums to allow participation of smaller clients and for larger companies to evaluate the material before selecting us for in-house custom classes.

Value-Based Selling Skills

The objective of this course is to increase the effectiveness of your sales team in the selling of intangible services. An intense, hands-on course covering the following agenda items:

  • Understand the strategic value of service
  • The Value-Based Selling Process
    • The relationship process - how to create and maintain relationships with customers and buyer
    • Understand how to diagnose “service” buying motivations & the decision making process
    • Effective customer presentations and closing techniques
    • Handling customer objections
  • Articulating the value of your service through the use of a ValuToolTM
  • The secrets of selling services
  • Accountability and the creation of personal action plans

No time to attend a live, two-day Value-Based selling course? A six-module e-learning experience may be best for you. Work through the material online, anytime, at your own pace. Give it a try...

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Value-Based Negotiating

Finding the customers interests and what they value is the key to success in negotiating a win-win agreement. This course focuses on real world situations that have been researched and are utilized to prepare the student to deal with the current tricks and techniques utilized by customers when negotiating for services.

Success in negotiating requires skills as well as process, and students build skills through role playing in scenarios that become increasingly challenging. Coursework covers the following topics:

  • The Value-Based Negotiating process
  • Selling styles
  • Preparing to negotiate
  • Creating a negotiating relationship
  • Diagnosing positions and interests
  • Satisfying without giving in
  • Satisfying with creative solutions

Best Practices of Services Marketing

This class provides an in-depth review of the best practices related to the classic four P’s of service marketing (service products/offerings, service pricing, promotion and place/channels). Coursework covers the following topics:

  • Service marketing organizations and functions
  • Services research – customer, market and competitive
  • SWOT analysis for services
  • Service segmentation
  • Service offering design and development
  • Service pricing
    • Satisfying with creative solutions
    • Pricing and buying behavior
    • Pricing relationships
    • Pricing methodologies
    • Pricing of specific services (i.e. parts, labor, travel, contracts, depot, etc.)
  • Service channels (who sells what & when)
  • Services Promotion

Selling Professional Services

There is a struggle at many companies to empower sales reps to sell efficiently, effectively, and productively. A Forrester Research report stated that nearly 90% of sales conversations fail to meet the expectations of buyers. Further, studies show that reps will forget 80% of what they learned within six months. This is not a formula for success.

The Selling Professional Services course is a consultative approach that focuses professional service professionals and sales reps on the conversations that uncover customer’s challenges and how your organization’s solution solves their problems. B2B buyers want to work with suppliers who understand their business, their unique challenges (spoken and unspoken), and how they measure success. This course is designed to empower your sales team to engage your customers, at all levels, with messages that will resonate with them.

This class uses proven Value-Based selling principles that are consultative in nature, but adds the following topics that are essential to selling professional services:

  • The unique challenges of Selling Professional Services
    • Longer Sales Cycles, Selling Higher, Deal Complexity, Dealing With The Hidden Competitor – The Status Quo
  • Relating Objectives
    • Qualifying The Customer, Establishing Credibility, Capability Presentations
  • Diagnosis
    • Buyer Motivations, Gathering Information for the SOW, Creating More Successful Sales Conversations That Win
  • Proposal Development
    • Creating a successful SOW (Statement Of Work), Approval Process Complexities, Pricing Considerations, Creating
          a Compelling “Why Change” Message
  • Closing Techniques
  • Handling Objections

So get ready for an exciting and informative training course that has helped others to become effective and efficient at selling professional services.

Hahn Training

“Honestly one of the best training seminars I have attended – well worth the 12 hour trip across the Atlantic!”
Mary Swan 3Com

“I learned more about closing a deal and handling customer objections in this class than in any other class I have attended in my 20 years of experience.”
Peter BurnsAlcatel USA

“I honestly believe this negotiating training will pay for itself at least ten fold in the next six months in service contract revenue.
Dale DavigNicolet Instrument Corporation

It is obvious that Al Hahn is passionate about service. It is evident in his research, his course content and his presentation.