Who We Are

We are experts at helping our clients accelerate growth for their services & support business. Our primary expertise is in the strategies, marketing, and selling of services and support. We have been in this business since 1988, helping our diverse and deep list of clients. Our experience covers a wide range of markets. We are well-traveled with extensive international experience and know how the service & support business differs in many parts of the world. We can advise on when a global approach or local approach would work best. We are passionate about services and can assist your organization in achieving Best Practices.

Research conducted by Hahn Consulting includes customers, prospects, competitors, and benchmarking. This work is used by our clients to compare their offerings and prices to competitors and industry leaders. It is also used to develop strategies, new business opportunities, and in pricing, positioning, and packaging service and support offerings.

Our goal is to help you drive services growth and competitive advantage through our expertise working with hundreds of clients across multiple industries. With over 28 years of service marketing projects ranging from:

  • Service portfolio design and transformation
  • Moving service/support from free to fee
  • Service pricing
  • Training & motivating your product sales team(s)
  • Service strategy development
  • Identification of new growth opportunities
  • Developing compelling positioning, value propositions, and marketing communications,

Exceeding clients expectations has resulted in 85% of our customers returning to Hahn for their service research, consulting and training needs.

Hahn Consulting has trained more service & sales professionals ( > 25,000) in the skills and techniques of Marketing and Selling of services than any other group in the world.

Clients consistently report the following results of our service oriented Value-Based Selling and Value-Based Negotiating courses:

  • Significant increase in service contract renewals
  • Improved win ratio
  • Improved attach rates
  • Reduced discounting resulting in increased service margins
  • Confident sales reps with a renewed mindset

Hahn specializes in presenting to product sellers (and their leaders) on the value of selling service/support at the point of sale.

As an outside expert on services, Hahn delivers credibility along with your service message. We have trained thousands of product sellers and faced virtually every question and objection that a product seller has thought of.

Training courses consist of the following (offered at your site or a central location):

  • Value-Based Selling
  • Value-Based Negotiating
  • Pricing, Designing and Marketing Services and Support